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Definisi organisasi

JAMES D MOONEY berpendapat bahwa “organization is the form every human,association for the assignment for common purpose” atau organisasi adalah setiap bentuk kerjasama untuk pencapaian tujuan bersama.
Drs.Malayu S.P Hasibuan  mengatakan “organisasi  adalah suatu sistem perserikatan formal,berstruktur dan terkoordinasi dari sekelompok yang bekerjasama dalam mencapai tujuan tertentu.organisasi hanya merupakan alat dan wadah saja.”

Prof Dr. sondang P. siagian, mendefinisikan “organisasi  ialah setiap bentuk persekutuan  antara dua orang atau lebih yang bekerja bersama serta secara formal terikat dalam rangka pencapaian suatu tujuan yang  telah ditentukan dalam ikatan yang mana terdapat seseorang/beberapa orang yang disebut atasan dan seseorang/sekelompok orang yang disebut dengan bawahan.”
organization is not familiar to us, because from the first time we gain knowledge on the first level we've been introduced to one such student organizations osis. Osis is one of the formal organization within the scope of the school, the organization has made ​​in order to facilitate a group of students for each pour all views, thoughts, ideas in assessing and dealing with a masalah.organisasi also has a hierarchical position where there is a chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer and the anggota.hirarki position was created so that every person who is in a orgnisasi student can work with the appropriate capabilities, and to be more effective.

And many advantages That We get if We enter orgnisasi, Among the which are Able to appreciate other people's opinions even if different from the Opinion That We have, the which is the Responsible with the task That We Do and it is an advantage That We Will get if included in the organization.But there are Organizations That are not allowed to join in it can result in very bad Because if you get into the organization tersebut.organisasi We Know Often Called Terrorist ORGANIZATION. In order not to fall into an Organization That Is self-defeating, We must know the vision and mission and goals of the organization was formed.conclusion that the organization is a system or a society is arranged in clusters, to work together to achieve common goals.

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